What's your plan for this weekend?
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  • What's your plan for this weekend?
What's your plan for this weekend?
Thank God it's Friday!!!!
You had rough weekdays, studying or working hard... have you been still thinking about what to do on the weekend?
No way...I hope you're not planning on working during the weekend.
If you are really exhausted, you can sleep during the whole weekend.
If you like working out, try to ride a bike or hiking near your town.
Or you can randomly go on a trip for your refreshing experience.
Are you planning to do volunteering? How nice!
If you don't want to go somewhere, just clean up your house. That will make you feel so much better!
You can also chat with your friends all night drinking.
You could also spend your weekend going on a date with your lover!
Or it is a good choice to study for your future.
How about visiting bookstore finding and reading a book that you are interested in?
Do you wanna just laugh out loud? Watching comedy movies in a movie theater would be good.
Are there other plans for your weekend? Share your plan!
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