The real meanings of some words
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  • The REAL Meanings Of Some Words
The REAL Meanings Of Some Words
Every word has a definition, but they aren't always what we mean when we say them.
This fun series of images, created by a creative Tumblr called "Oh, So That's What That Means," shows us what some of us really mean when we use some of these simple, everyday words.
1.The real meaning of being POOR.
-Poor(adjective): When you have too much month at the end of your money.
2.The real meaning of STUDYing
-Study(verb): The act of texting, eating, and watching TV with an open textbook nearby.
3.The real meaning of CALORIES
-Calories(noun): Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night.
4.The real meaning of SYNONYM
-Synonym(noun): A word used in place of the one you can’t spell.
5.The real meaning of PETS
-Pets(noun): The only member of your family you actually like.
6.The real meaning of SCHOOL REUNION
-School reunion(noun): A meeting where it takes you only 20sec to realize why you haven’t seen those people for 20years.
7.The real meaning of FEET
-Feet(noun): A device used for finding Legos in the dark.
8.The real meaning of IRONY
-Irony(noun): Drawing trees on paper.
9.The real meaning of TEACHER
-Teacher(noun): A person who helps you solve problems you’d never have without them.
10.The real meaning of CLAPPING
-Clapping(verb): Repeatedly high-fifing yourself for someone else’s accomplishments.
11.The real meaning of CELL PHONEs
-Cell phone(noun): A device used for looking less alone while in public places by yourself.
12.The real meaning of LAZINESS
-Laziness(noun): Risking to drop everything you carry rather than walking twice.
13.The real meaning of LATTE
-Latte(noun): Italian for “you paid too much for that coffee.”
14.The real meaning of being SINGLE
-Single(noun): A man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen.
15.The real meaning of HAPPINESS
-Happiness(noun): When you roll onto the warm spot your laptop left in your bed. Also see: loneliness.
16.The real meaning of VEGETARIAN
-Vegetarian(noun): Latin phrase, original meaning: “really bad hunter”
17.The real meaning of GROUP PROJECT
-Group project(noun): Time when you relax and watch someone who cares do all the work.
18.The real meaning of WEB MD
-Web MD(proper noun): Something that makes a mild cold into a deadly disease that will kill you within the next 24hours.
19.The real meaning of FRIENDs
-Friend(noun): One of the many strangers on Facebook.
20.The real meaning of HIPSTERs
-Hipster(adj): Mainstream
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